Wednesday, 12 January 2011

National Theatre Open Day Visit Oct 2010

This was an open day at the National Theatre that they hold every year it is a chance for students to see what goes on behind the scenes, and to meet the people from all the different departments.

Store Room
All the haberdashery neatly put away for easy access.

Dye Room - Lizzy Honeybone Head Dyer
Dying and printing among numerous other things is done in house they also do a lot of breaking 
down of costumes to make them look old and worn.

This dress had been printing with flocking to make it look like 
embroidery a quick easier way to achieve an effect.

Costume Props Room - Reuben Hart
Costume Prop Department designs & makes costume items and technical elements of costume, such as jewellery, armour or millinery.  Working with the designer's concept for the costumes, the costume propmakers explore the use of different materials to create the desired effects.

Wig Room
The wig Department is responsible for hair, wigs and special makeup.  Wigs are quite often worn when a character needs a particular hairstyle but doesn't have natural hair which is entirely suitable.  The National has an impressive wigs department and  handmakes its wigs, and most are made to measure or adapted from existing stock.

Quick Change Demonstration
Crucial to the process of putting on shows are the 
dressers and maintenance staff in the running wardrobes.

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